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Brambleton Model Railway Club Summer Newsletter

Work at the Site

The summer period sees a change in emphasis to work at the site because the number of Open Days means that the need is to keep the site tidy. The grass has been cut, gardens tended trees and bushes cut back and other areas strimmed. This does mean that less effort is required before the September open day to bring it up to standard.

The garage was emptied and tidied resulting in a large bonfire of unwanted stuff. It is now being used to store the exhibition layout and other things.

The scrap metal pile is growing again and at some point we will transport it to the top of the path to be picked up.

The concreting and bricklaying team have been busy the new Minfford steps completed and another small set of steps outside of Nine Elms built to enable easier access to cross the track in this area.

The construction of additional space at the back of the workshop area has started, the potential use of this has changed but it will be completed and used.

A new large gazebo has been purchased and used. This will be a bonus for the Open Days for the Tea ladies as there is more space and no annoying gap in the middle if it rains.

Jim continues to work on the 16mm extension with a bridge over the line under construction and some further blockwork completed.

Future Plans

With the number of people attending Open Days we have had rumblings from WIWAM about the use of their toilets. We are looking into putting a couple of toilets into the site. Currently working on the logistics of getting enough fresh water and removing the waste.

Alan has purchased some 5 inch gauge equipment and is planning to run a line around the bottom area of the site near the garage which is currently relatively unused. This will require some trimming and a small number of trees to be removed and the ground level. Planning is in the early stages at the moment.

The 7mm track in the Baropeth area is deteriorating and will be demolished after the September Open Day and rebuilt over the winter period.



November   9       Brambleton   

November 16       Berry Lane MC   Rickmansworth

November 23       

November 30       Steam in Beds.  Exhibition        

December   7       Berry Lane MC Rickmansworth NEW DATE ADDED

December   14     Brambleton

December   21     Berry Lane MC   Rickmansworth with Hot Mince Pies.

December   28                

December   31st    New Year’s Eve Steam up at Brambleton   

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