West Herts. Area Group of the Association of 16mm Narrow Gauge Modellers


                                     WHAG’s Programme for 2018

July   7            Iain Maclean   Croxley Green   Changed Date

July  14            Special WHAG’s event  ‘Steam Up at Brambleton ‘ (10.30am to  5pm)

                    Invitation extended to all 16mm Association Members to visit and run                     all day. Both the 16mm and 7mm lines in operation, free teas and                     coffee provided plus the traditional BBQ

July  21            Pat Cossins  Iver Heath

July 28            Brambleton


August   4        WHAG’s visit to the South Arbury Railway     Cancelled

August  11        Brambleton  Changed Date

August  18        

August  25       Brambleton   New meeting added

September  1       

September  8    Brambleton MRC Open Day

September 15    Berry Lane MC   Rickmansworth

September 22   Pat Cossins  Iver Heath

September 29   Luke Petch The Ames Light Railway Luton

October   6      All Day Steaming East Surrey Group at the de Stafford School Caterham

October   13     Berry Lane MC   Rickmansworth   

October   20    Brambleton  

October   27    Berry Lane MC   Rickmansworth

November  3     Berry Lane MC   Rickmansworth

November 10     Brambleton   

November 17     Berry Lane MC   Rickmansworth

November 24    Steam in Beds Exhibition

December  1

December  8

December 15    Berry Lane MC   Rickmansworth with Hot Mince pies ( £10 this meeting only)

December 22                 

December 31st   New Year’s Eve Steam up at Brambleton  






Extract from the most recent Brambleton Newsletter  

April 2018

The Exhibition

The exhibition was once again a big success. Harvey had done a great job sorting out the layouts and squeezing them in especially with the massive Harpenden East layout that went the whole length of the hall. Alan had built a new layout for Brambleton for the stage (it can also be taken to other events if required).

It was very busy in the morning with lots of visitors but got a little quieter in the afternoon so we ended up making roughly the same as last year in the region of £2,500 a really good top up to the club funds.

Many thanks to all those who turned up to help in any capacity it could not happen without you.

The Site

We have made steady progress on a number of fronts. A new gate at the top of the barrow path has been installed. This is much wider to enable full size trailers to go through and will also help with the flow of people on Open Days. Some re-profiling of the path either side has also been necessary and this has been nearly completed.

A new holding area for the delivery of 1 ton bags has been constructed at the top of the path by the top of the path.

Guttering has been installed on the new buildings and 4 large water tanks sourced and connected to the gutters so we will have plenty of water (especially as it has not stopped raining for the last couple of weeks).

The proposed area for the extension of the 16mm line has been cleared of the trees which had been cut down. These have been logged up where appropriate with the smaller branches collected and burnt. The area is now ready to start work on the extension.

Work on the replacement of blocks on the 16mm spiral has continued all the excavation has now been done and the new blocks being installed.

Some further tree maintenance has also been done  a lot of saplings have been removed from the side of the barrowpath and some larger trees trimmed to improve light levels and reduce the number of leaves. In the main site on Oak has been trimmed and some smaller trees removed from the new path area for the same reasons. Saplings on the way up to the new workshop have been cut and layered to form a living barrier and 100 fir trees put in various areas to provide improved screening once they have grown.

Continued tractor maintenance has been ongoing as they have not proved that reliable. We now need to have a sort out and get rid of some of those (we now have 5) that are beyond repair and concentrate on having 2 that work.

Really good news on the Signalling front. Phil Bell has now restored a number of instruments and last week the cable between Stockton and Nine Elms was relaid as the insulation had deteriorated beyond repair. Phil promises that we will have a system working in some areas for the Open Day. So the site will come alive again with the sound of the original instruments.

The Friday work sessions continue to have 4-6 people turning up. A lot of tea gets drunk and most Fridays bacon and sausage sandwiches cooked and consumed to ward off the cold. Many thanks to all those who turn up.

Future Work

With only weeks to go to the open day attention now turns to clearing the remaining leaves etc in preparation. Other jobs remain to be finished as well.

A number of trees have come down in the outer areas of the site with the snow and winds these need to be tidied up.

The bottom of the steps by Newtown were broken up to get the new gate in these now need to be restored and I think we will try and improve them so they are more even.

Attention will then turn to clearing and possibly re-roofing the garage. Also there is a lot of scrap metal around the site to be cleared and disposed of.

Also let’s look forward to running some trains as the weather improves after all that is what all the work is for.

Open Day

The next Open Day is on Saturday the 12th May. I hope you have the date in your diary. As always lots of help is required on the day to open the railway fully and support the refreshments, gate and car park. Please come and help if you are able.

The site will be open during the week before, more details of exactly when will be published nearer the time.

It is also a great opportunity to come and see the changes at the site and meet up with old friends.

WHAGS steam up and BBQ

This year the BBQ takes place on 14 July. The WHAGs are also holding a special event stream up for members of the 16mm Association. Here is the link to the WHAGs website for further details. http://www.westherts16mm.org.uk/index.htm

September Open Day

Please note your diary now for the Autumn Open Day. The date is Saturday 8 September.

Hornby Magazine

Lastly, if you have not already done so, please go and buy the May issue of Hornby Magazine and read the article on the club. Well done to Jim Rayner for putting this together. It is both an enjoyable read and great publicity for the club.


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